Students are engaging in a thrilling discussion with an international CEO and a medical professional

Talking to an English teacher may serve the purpose in school but doesn’t feel like the real deal, does it? That changed when a chance popped up to invite Mr Lohscheller and his wife Mrs Louis for a lively panel discussion about their recently published book ‘Happy Climate – Happy Life’. Mr Lohscheller is not only a top manager who worked for companies such as VW and Opel but he also graduated from Euregio-Gymnasium in 1988.

The students, who will graduate in 2027, read the book and prepared the discussion in a project work that required a high degree of organizational skills and creativity. Our visitors were oftentimes amazed by the depth and quality of the questions asked. The discussion’s scope ranged from plant-based diets to visionary mobility concepts and was driven by the author’s openness and personal examples.

Eva S. and Tom were outstanding as moderators. The feeling of being part of a unique and real experience was priceless since everyone profited in some respect from insights that an English textbook cannot convey. Mr Lohscheller and Mrs Louis were amazed by the student’s high level of English and seemingly enjoyed sharing their experiences.

Lastly Mr. Lepping, who was an exchange student in the U.S. himself, joined in and finally thanked the authors for their visit on behalf of the Euregio-Gymnasium.

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